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About Me

My name is Hamza and I am a 3D artist with experience in film and TV VFX, feature animation, commercials and games.

I hold a BA (Hons) degree in Computer Animation and thrive on working in a dynamic, challenging team environment under highly pressurised conditions.


As well as working on my own initiative with little or no supervision, I can work quickly to a high standard and to challenging deadlines.


I am willing to work beyond normal working hours to help other team members in order to complete deadlines.


I enjoy developing solutions to overcome problems and I am confident in presenting such findings as well as new ideas to the team.

In post production: 


I have experience as a 3D Modelling Supervisor and was responsible for setting up and running the 3D Modelling Department for the Digital Domain/Reliance MediaWorks studio in London. This role consisted of creating the modelling pipeline, hiring of artists, bidding for work and various modelling tasks. As part of the first group of artists hired in the 3D department, duties also involved liaising with other departments to create a central core pipe for future projects.


In pre-production: 


I have worked as a concept modeller where I have either created models of my own design or from concept art/reference. I have then refined those approved concept models to be suitable for integrating into a full 3D VFX pipeline.


This streamlines the design process and saves money for the production studio.

Additionally in pre-production, I have worked as a Visualisation/Unreal Engine Artist where I was responsible for building assets and environments within Unreal Engine for a major Virtual Production project based at Leavesden Studios.


Duties included:

- Leading the asset creation for the project.
- Training other artists how to use Unreal Engine and company pipeline.
- Creating 3D assets in Maya, Substance Painter, Megascans, Quixel Mixer and Photoshop

- Retopologising/optimising CAD data in Maya and ZBrush.
- Importing assets into Unreal Engine and building shader networks.
- Creating asset blueprints for vehicles and other props.
- Building environments/levels in Maya and Unreal Engine.
- Lighting and effects in Unreal Engine.




Software knowledge: 

Knowledge of Maya, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, Quixel Megascans, Quixel Mixer, Modo, Photoshop, Mudbox, Zbrush.




A selection of clients and projects: 


Company: The Moving Picture Company, London

Project: 10,000BC (Film), Fred Claus (Film)



Company: Digi – Guys

Project: War Devil (Playstation 3 exclusive/ HD Feature Animation)



Company: Animal Logic (Australia)

Project: Legend of the Guardians (Feature Animation)



Company: Weta Digital (New Zealand)

Project: Avatar (Film), The Adventures Of TinTin (Feature Animation), Gulliver’s Travels (Film)


Company: Cinesite

Project: John Carter (Film), X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Film), The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Film)


Company: Pixomondo, London

Project: Hugo (Film)



Company: Digital Domain / Reliance MediaWorks

Project: G.I. Joe Retaliation (Film), Ender’s Game (Film) 


Company: Industrial Light & Magic (London)

Project: Doctor Strange (Film), Star Wars: The last Jedi (Film)

Company: CBS Studios

Project: Star Trek Discovery (TV Series)


Company: Halon Entertainment

Project: The Batman (Film)

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