Flying Taxi

Television Series

This model was for a television documentary about past and future transportation.

I was provided with the name of an existing flying vehicle the client wanted to base the concept on. I then gathered the photographic reference required.

The brief was to use this reference for the front half and to extend the back to allow more occupants to travel inside.

I had to concept model the rear half and the more powerful turbine engines to accommodate the extra weight.

I also considered adding extra body protection that may be required to house and carry the turbine engines.

I created 5 variations of body design for the client to choose from.

I was so involved in this project that I once worked through the night till 5am to allow me to continue the creative process without interruption.

This was not a time constraint project and the client was extremely accommodating of the time required to create the asset, but I enjoyed working on this model so much that working the extra hours was not a chore.