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Digital Domain / Reliance MediaWorks
“I had the pleasure of working with Hamza at Reliance/ Digital Domain in London where he led the modelling dept. Production aware, with good organisational skills and a clear sense of his department's strengths, I always enjoyed our working relationship and would be happy to work with him again in the future.”
Simon Carr, VFX Supervisor, Digital Domain / Reliance London
“Hamza was head of modelling while I was at Digital Domain London. He lead our small team of modellers to produce high quality assets for a number of feature films. Hamza is a very good line manager who is always looking out for his team members on both a personal and professional level. He has a high attention to detail, strong communicative skills and is strongly team focused. During my time at Digital Domain, I learnt a lot about modelling from Hamza - but he is also humble enough to learn from less senior members of the team.”
William Jeffers, Modeller, Digital Domain / Reliance London
Pixomondo, London
“I really enjoyed working with Hamza on Hugo Cabret. I came without knowing Maya at all and he taught me everything. He spoke slowly, clearly and I admire his patience! He is a great guy to work with. Funny, smart, cool... He has a good personality and also great skills! He has this great attention to detail that makes him unique, his past experiences made him this very talented modeller he is today. I hope one day I'll have the opportunity to work with him again, because I really had fun!”
Lon Krung, Modeller, Pixomondo
“Hamza is a thorough and dedicated modeler and one of the good guys. Highly recommended and a valued asset to any team.”
Max Dennison, Head of Environments/VFX Supervisor, Pixomondo
Weta Digital
“Hamza's a talented all round modeller who has been a pleasure to work with. His great communication skills and driven attitude to whatever he's working on makes him a great addition to any modelling team.”
James Ogle, Lead Modeller, Weta Digital
“Hamza is a talented modeler with a great attitude. He has an excellent work ethic and throws himself at new challenges with a desire to gain the best result possible. As a valuable member of the modeling team at Weta, Hamza will be missed. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to gain a hard working and talented 3D Modeler.”
Frank Macfarlane, Models Department Manager, Weta Digital
“I have known and worked with Hamza for the past 15 months. He has proved himself to be a very dedicated and talented modeller. This was very evident in the Floating "Hallelujah" mountain battle sequence in Avatar, where he was involved in creating our library of floating mountain and environmental models. From gigantic rocks structures to vegetation dressings. He also has done a considerable amount of hard surface and architectural modelling on our other projects. Hamza has always been easy to work with, and keen to push forward through any task assigned to him. I would recommend him to any VFX studio.”
Paul Jenness, Lead CG modeller, Weta Digital
“I worked with Hamza during the last year of Avatar at Weta Digital. He had a great personality and good work ethic. During his time here he was able to handle working on many different projects, moving to wherever his skills where needed without hesitation. Hamza would be a valuable addiction to any team.”
John Stevenson-Galvin, Senior Digital Modeler, Weta Digital
Animal Logic
“A gifted modeler who strove for excellence is how I would describe Hamza. An intelligent and articulate collaborator who always had time for everyone. And finally a good friend whose easygoing manner made him a pleasure to work with. I recommend Hamza and his work without hesitation.”
John Paul (JP) Molloy, Modeler, Animal Logic
“I worked with Hamza at Digi-Guys. He always stayed positive at difficult times. I clearly remember how easy it was for him to learn new technology. In no time he learned how to produce high-res 3D models in another software package. Furthermore, having him on the side was great: he always had a smile to share. He is one of those persons you miss to work with. I'm happy to see his current success via this site.”
Cesar Alejandro, Lighting Artist, Digi-Guys
“One of the BEST modelers I’ve worked with! Hard worker and a lot attention to detail is always found on this guys work! Was a pleasure working with you Man!”
Marcos Correa, Animator, Digi-Guys
The Moving Picture Company, London
“I had the pleasure of working with Hamza at MPC. I would not hesitate to recommend him, he has a great work ethic and is very easy going.”
Lisa Gonzalez, Asset Supervisor, The Moving Picture Company​​​​​​​
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