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Virtual Production - The Batman

Feature Film

I was employed as an Unreal Engine Artist to work in house at Leavesden Studios on The Batman.


I was responsible for building vehicles and environments in Maya and Unreal Engine for this Warner Brothers virtual production project.


This project is still in development so I cannot display the work I helped create until the project is available to view publicly.

The highlight of my time on the project was being the artist responsible for turning the Batmobile CAD data into a useable asset for Unreal Engine, complete with textures and a lighting blueprint setup.

As a huge car fan, this was a dream come true.

My duties included: 

  • Leading the asset creation for the project.

  • Training other artists how to use Unreal Engine and company pipeline.

  • Modelling/texturing 3D assets in Maya, Substance Painter, Megascans, Quixel Mixer and Photoshop

  • Retopologising/optimising CAD data in Maya and ZBrush.

  • Importing assets into Unreal Engine and building shader networks.

  • Creating asset blueprints for vehicles and other props.

  • Building environments/levels in Maya and Unreal Engine.

  • Lighting and effects in Unreal Engine.

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