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G.I.JOE - Retaliation

Feature Film

I set up and ran the Modelling Department for the new Reliance / Digital Domain office in London. This involved creating a modelling pipeline for high end VFX, as well as liaising with other departments to create a central core pipe for current and future projects.

Management duties included recruiting/interviewing members for my team and for other departments.

Department duties included pitching/bidding on work, co-ordinating the flow of work through the department, whilst helping out with various modelling tasks.

Other duties included close man management with the aim of building a strong team spirit.

Modelling tasks included:

- Creating large sections of the assets for the film.

- Organising and publishing these assets and ensuring they imported into the correct position if they had to be split up into smaller manageable sections.

- Concept modelling certain sections based on loose concept art or conversations with the VFX Supervisor.

- Providing notes and artistic and technical direction to the artists within my team.

The texturing work was created by another texture artist.

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